Get paid to shop. How to make money being a mystery shopper

Love to shop? Who doesn’t? Well, most women enjoy shopping with or without money (yes we can do that). You might find this interesting If you love going out or just checking and trying out new stuff. Although, technically this isn’t 100% online job because there are times that you need to leave and see the shop yourself. But, it is still considered a very good work at home opportunity.


The flexibility of this job is what makes it attractive to those who are tired of 9-5. And is a good side job for people who are freelancers, It adds an extra income to their chosen career. It will have a specific date to pass your report but still, you will get to choose when will you do it.  Some projects may only require you to inquire over the phone which is a pretty cool thing.  This can help you makes some extra money. While having some fun. This won’t make you rich but it could help make ends meet. Read on and know if this would fit you perfectly or not.


 What is mystery shopping?

Companies look for people to shop and give some sort of a customer feedback. This feedback is very important to these companies. It will help them to know how the stores work, look, and helps improve the customer service as well as improving product quality. Same goes for restaurant owners. It helps them how people think of their service, ambiance, and food. Since they are secret shoppers. Staffs don’t have any idea these shoppers were actually checking the service, products etc.

How can you be a mystery shopper?

Anyone can be a mystery shopper As long as, you are at the right age. Just keep in mind that not all assignments are for everybody. Some assignments may require you to try out some wine and or test drive a car. You can’t do that if you are not licensed and or below 18 years of age. In addition, some assignments are pretty easy you just need to inquire on some prices that you can easily do over the phone, while others require some physical appearance with the store. Some tasks may require you to purchase. They will give a limit on how much you could purchase a specific product. Therefore, you have to at least have some pocket money. But don’t you worry at the end of the task, you will get to reimburse what you have just spent.


What are the things you should take note of?

– Pay may start low, like any other jobs. You will get paid at a starting rate.
– Be ready to spend. It ain’t mystery shopping if there’s no shopping to do. Of course, you can reimburse your purchases.

What are the advantages?

Flexible time.Although some assignments have a limited time for you to finish it. It’s still up to you when are you going to do it.
Good experience- Some assignments may not be for you, And some could be fun.
Here are some companies that you could check and apply.
Here are some companies that are hiring  mystery shopper in the Philippines
Please be aware that there are mystery shopping companies that are a scam. If a company is asking for a fee. It’s a legitimate scam.  Why would you need to pay? They’re supposed to pay you for the service rendered. As well as those unsolicited offers. You have to make sure that you work for legitimate companies and not just some random emails that you receive out of nowhere.

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