How to earn from home as a voice artist.


Have you ever wonder how fun it is to be a voice artist?  Do you think you got what it takes to do voice overs? I believe that everybody has a talent or a skill that are developed through the years.  If you think that you have a very good talking voice, If you people often tell you how nice your voice is,  And if you feel like Voice acting and voice over jobs would fit you. Then, here’s another way to make money online.

Now, Before I proceed I just want to emphasize that people who made a career out of their voices. Didn’t always start as a professional, I know someone who started as a wedding and events host before he decided to give his voice a try in this field. People who sing well have the potential to be a voice actor. But, to make you feel better, There are a lot of voice actors that aren’t great singers.  Sometimes, all it takes is passion and willingness to learn more of course.

Do I have what it takes?

This is something that you could easily answer on your own.  Do your friends tell you that you have a very nice voice over the phone? Your family always tell you that you can make a fortune out of your voice? Can you easily imitate different voices of actors? As well as their different accents? Did you enjoy acting classes or joined theater club at school? Answering yes to all these questions means you have the potential. But, like what I mentioned above if you have a good talking voice you definitely have a chance. Voice acting can be developed. With practice and patience, you never know what the future is in store for you. You can also take voice classes if you’re more serious about it.
voice talent

What are the sample gigs?


This is the fun part. You can choose from a variety of gigs. Like voices for cartoons, English dubbed movies, Children’s audio books. Narrative documents, Voice overs for commercials and so much more. There are times that a client would want a specific kind of voice for the job. For example, The client wants a young female voice to read his document. If that’s you then good. You don’t audition on gigs that aren’t calling for your voice. Unless you can imitate the voice they want. Now that’s voice acting.


So how to get started?

1. Get the proper equipment.

Especially if you want to take this work seriously. You can’t just rely on your typical headphones. And don’t need to get the most expensive ones. Grab the basics and then upgrade after you landed some jobs.
A. Computer with music editing software/ Voice recording software.
B. Microphone- a good microphone is needed to have great quality recording,
C. Headphones- Companies send materials when you’re chosen for a job. Headphones are need not only to hear those materials but also you need to hear yourself.
D. Mic stand and pop filters – It’s tiring to hold your microphone the whole time. Just imagine holding it while recording. artists shouldn’t hold their microphone Unless you’re singing live on stage. The mic needs a fixed position, thus, making the recording sound even. Pop filters are the ones that we often see in front of the mic. They help reduce too much “S” and “P” sounds. It transmits the sound evenly. If I have to buy all these equipment. This will be on the top of my list.

2. Sound proofing your room.

 Yes. The sounds around you are recorded too. So better sound proof your room and don’t let the chirping birds get in your way. And if you got Benjamins better set up an acoustic room. You can check out more of acoustic treatment here

3. Getting that job.

As a beginner, you have to start at the bottom, of course. You have to get those gigs coming at you. But how? Make sure to send your demos to companies and while waiting, create accounts with the following freelancing companies so you can build your profile then you can work your way up. This is also a good way to complete your portfolio.

1. Freelancer– Sign up and get ready to send some of your sample recordings to a bunch of lists here.

2. Upwork Just like freelancer, You just need to create an account and build up your profile and apply to as many projects you like. You can check their list here.

3. Fiverr This is one of the best sites for people who have talents and skills or just about anything they could offer to the world. You could offer your voice over services here for $5. Every service offers here starts with $5 then you can work your way up once you’re established.

You can also take voice over/ acting lessons to hone your skills. Unless you sounded like Liam Neeson already. You can check the following:

1. Voices

2. Edge studio

4. Creativoices

5. Philippine center for voice acting

Don’t be afraid to audition, apply, send sample recordings to different companies and projects. Everybody started as a noob and developed their skills and made a career out of their voices. An average rate of voice over actor is $20 to $200/ hour. Just check out how this woman quit her job and earn $9k just by doing voice over. 

8 thoughts on “How to earn from home as a voice artist.

  1. I have considered doing this for over a year and when I attempted to make a demo I didn’t know what to say. For example, should I choose many different genres or just 3 or 4 and how long should each voice be on the recording. Should I try to mimic someone famous or a cartoon character? Also, do I introduce each voice with an explanation? Such as, “This is an example of a radio commercial.”

    1. Hi Amy, Thanks for dropping by. Have you tried doing a demo of what you think you’re best at? Another way for you to focus on what demo to produce is to actually search for what these companies need. if you check fiverr or other freelancing sites they have a list of what kind of voice they need. for example: Female, middle-age, southern English accent. Something like that. Now, If you just want to make a demo, Try to record something which you think you sound the best. If you feel like you’re good at doing voice overs then do it. Whatever you feel that brings out the best in you then go for it. Good luck!

  2. I just found this article on Pinterest. Thank you for the info. I have been told for years I have a great voice and in college excelled at public speaking. This has given me the boost to just give it a go and see what happens! 😁

    1. Thanks Natalie!,
      If you think you have what it takes then there’s nothing to worry about. And I wish you all the best. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. I worked on-air in radio for a year and taught high school for 5 where my students begged me to read aloud to them for the voices. I’ve wanted to do something like this since I started working in another industry with less creativity. Thanks for the tips!

  4. It’s a great way to earn money however it requires lot of investment for mic & other equipments. You also need one sound proof room where you can record your voice. So it’s bit difficult for the people who is starting their career into voicing.

    However for the people who started earnings & can efforts these things, they should go for this options.

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