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Would it be nice if we have other side jobs that pay weekly? Most of the work we know and we have pays monthly or twice a month. This could be somehow frustrating for people who have financial needs. Receiving pay weekly can definitely help make ends meet.

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Here’s a list of companies that might interest you. Take note that some of these companies may or may not have availabilities because some jobs may be seasonal, but most of them are hiring continuously. Check it out yourself. Let’s begin with the companies I enjoyed working with.


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This post may contain affiliate links see affiliate disclosure here. which means I may receive a small commission for clicks made through my links. they are good products and all our opinion and suggestions are unbiased I only share products and services that I use, trust and love.


Short Task Jobs:


1. Clickworker/ UHRS-

 Clickworker is a company that pays you to do short tasks and get paid weekly. But since I live outside the US, I don’t get many tasks. But that’s fine because I found out that they have the UHRS company under them,
And that’s where the money comes. You can read my UHRS review for better understanding.
Remember that you need to make a clickworker account to be able to work for UHRS.


2. Spare 5

Another company that offers people simple to a bit complicated tasks. from image tagging to hotel surveys and a lot more. I like this app a lot because of 2 main reasons. 1, Most of the tasks are pretty easy and 2, You get paid weekly on time. Always. You can read more about spare5 here. 


3. Humanatic-

This company will pay you to review phone calls. Although I have mixed feelings about Humanatic. You can still check them out. Especially if you have experience with Call centers and Doing QA’s. You can read more on Humanatic review.



4. Slice The Pie-

Here’s another that pays you to listen, rate and review music. Although I no longer work for them because of some reason (explained in my review) I still like this company and I got paid many times before. You can check them and find if this would fit you. They pay twice a week.

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Money making apps:


5. Acorns

This one awesome app can turn your spare change into investments. If you have zero knowledge (like everyone else) about stocks. This one simple app can help you with that with just $5 you can invest and it’s newbie friendly as well.


And the best part? It’s free if you’re a student. Although, it’s better to let your money grow first, But when you withdraw it will only take you 3-6 business days.


6. Nice Talk

This app is an English teaching app that will pay you to teach English to Chinese. Although Palfish is still my favorite teaching app, Nice talk pays weekly. So If you have experience teaching foreigners, You should give this a shot.


7. Spare5 App

Although I already mentioned spare 5 above I still want to write on the app section because based on my experience, I earned more using the app than the website itself, Although I use both of them. Doing tasks on IOS phones are very convenient and fun at the same time.


8. Mobisave-

Is an app that gets cash back with groceries. One of the best thing about this app is that you can redeem anytime and receive your cash not weekly but within 24 hours with no minimum.


9. Survey Merchandiser app

This app will give you the chance to make some real money by participating in projects like merchandising, product demos etc. you can earn as much as $150 per day. Although technically they don’t pay weekly. But I add this app because they have three pay periods each month.


10. Gigwalk-

This app is available for downloads on both Android and IOS devices. They will pay you to do some gigs like answering questions, trying new apps, taking pictures etc. You will be given a specific time to finish the gig. Usually pays an average of  $3 to $50 per gig.


11. Observa

is an app that offers people to mystery shop and answers questions. You just need to download the app and make an account to be an observer. Be sure to use the email address linked to your PayPal account.
Tasks are usually $4 to $12. It will only take around 10 to 15 minutes to finish the task and they will pay you immediately once the task is done.


Writing Companies:


12. Online Writing Jobs 

Looking for talented writers with strong writing skills, These articles are for different brands. Their clients are usually from a variety of field. Such as Automotive, Education/Academic, Medical/Health, Science, Technology, and Travel.



13. Textbroker

To be able to work for this company, you need to verify your US citizenship. Submit an article, receive your rating, complete your profile and you can now start writing.


14. Iwriter-

Is a company that pays as much as 40$ per article for their Elite writers. If you have the skill for writing you should consider applying for this company, And yes they pay weekly or the schedule you select.


15. Blogmutt

Here’s another company that pays well and weekly. The company boasts about how they can manage clients for you. And all you have to do is write.


Most of the time we spend hours and hours working. If we are not yet ready to work at home, You can try the websites and apps mentioned above for you to help you with your financial needs. And the good thing about this list is that they pay weekly and sometimes even more in a week. I really hope that somehow they will help you.




Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash


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