10 Companies that offer work at home jobs worldwide.


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For the past years of being home based I’ve seen and tried a lot of work at home opportunities. Both legitimate and scams. They come and go. Fortunately, some stays. The problem is not all companies are open worldwide. It’s a sad thing for people like us living on this side of the planet. But, as years goes by, I noticed how many companies are now outsourcing to different parts of the world. Making me and the rest of the people in this region very happy.

Here are just Ten (more to come)  of the many work at home companies that are available worldwide. Pay starts around $10 to $40 an hour. Some have good and not-so-good reviews but again each person has a job that fits them. So you may find these list very useful or vice versa, either way, there’s nothing to lose. So after reading this, It’s up to you if you’ll give this list a try. I actually worked and still working with some of them and yes they pay.

Work at home companies that hire workers around the globe.

1. Leapforce

The company hires people from different countries. As a search engine evaluator, your job is to evaluate search engine’s results. It comes with a training that will guide you step by step.  You can earn from $3 to as much as $13 an hour.Working schedule is flexible. You can work anytime you want as long as there’s work to do. It has mixed reviews from people working there. You can give it a try and check if this one’s for you.

2. Clickworker

One of the many companies that offer jobs for writing, translating, researching and collecting data. I personally worked here and since I live in South East Asia, I didn’t get a lot of tasks. But thankfully there’s UHRS. It’s Clickworker’s partner company that offers more jobs. You simply categorize internet data and web pages. I just think that the job is kind of boring after some time. But if you have a high tolerance for boredom you may want to give this a shot. You can apply here. I made a review about Clickworker and UHRS and I hope it’ll help you decide.

3. Humanatic

This company hires people to sort phone calls. Sounds easy right? Well, It depends on the given category. But with practice, you will soon get the hang of it. It’s a legitimate company, It’s been around for years. But you have to read and follow the guidelines carefully. You must be accurate when tagging calls. Here’s the full review.

4. Lifebushido

If you are familiar with work-at-home Virtual Assitant jobs like researching, appointment setting and such. You can try Lifebushido They hire people based on their talents and skills. The hiring process may take some time but if you have an experience you can give this a try. You can check their website here.

5. Spare 5

Like Clickworker, this company offers micro tasks. Tasks like keyword tagging, phone surveys, Phone reviews, Outlining images etc., But, what I like about this company is how convenient it is to use. You can work anytime you want as much as you want as long as there’s work to do. There are days that has tons of work and drought days. You can check it out here. And here’s a full review.

6. Rev

Here’s a company that hires transcriptionist, translators and captioners. They pay $24 to $40/ audio hour. You don’t need years of experience to get hired but it won’t hurt if you do. To be able to start working with Rev, you have to pass the qualifying skill test. They offer flexible working hours which is a plus for moms who have kids and they send weekly payments through Paypal.

7. Clear voice

Are you a good writer? Here’s something that’s willing to work with what’s your worth. Your expertise. Your rate. Work anytime, anywhere. Your job is to write content for different brands. Once your content is approved you will receive payments instantly.

8. Smart Crowd-

Is a company that offers different type of tasks which require different skills. And every task is based on their client’s needs.  You need to take their skill evaluation test before you can start working. These evaluations will allow them to give you task types that match your qualifications and skills.

9. Appen Butler Hill

Appen is an award winning organization and has been named by Forbes magazine as one of the top 100 companies offering flexible jobs worldwide in 150 languages for the past 3 years. They offer work-from-home opportunities like social media evaluators, transcribers and even corporate opportunities around the world.

10. Babble type 

Here’s another company that does not require experience. It’s a company that offers transcribing and translating services to clients. If you want to apply as a translator you need to be a native of that specific language. And you must pass their test.  Weekly payments with  PayPal.

The best part?

These companies offer work that you can do at the convenience of your own home, at your own time.  Each work may or may not be suitable for everyone. But most of these companies offers jobs or tasks that can easily be learned. So you must be patient with the training, evaluation, and tests that’ll be given to you.
Some of the companies mentioned above have their own app. Making it easier for people to work anywhere, anytime. There’s still a lot of work at home companies on my list. But, I’m doing my best to filter them leaving only the most practical, doable, and legitimate. So that it would be a lot easier for you to choose. So stay tuned.
And one more thing. If you don’t have a PayPal account. Better create one. This is where most of the companies transfer their pay.

Bottom line:

No matter where you are in this world. People need a job. It could be part-time or full-time.  What’s important is that you take those chances and opportunities and work hard. Let them be your teacher. In the end, You’ll find what truly fits your lifestyle.

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