12 Free side jobs that make money daily. You wish you knew sooner.

12 Free Side Jobs That Make Money Daily- the wise half

Free side jobs for extra money, that pay daily?!! Hmm…I am 100% sure most of us want to earn extra cash on the side. We all need that extra cash for emergencies, personal needs, etc. You may want to save this post because it’s loaded with FREE online jobs and best apps that pay DAILY. Yes within 24 hours.                                                            

As a stay-at-home parent and freelancer, I’ve tried and tested different types of cash sites. Most of the sites I used pay monthly. But this list pays daily that’s why it’s definitely worth sharing. It’s a mix of sites and applications. And most them are pretty easy to use and of course.. FREE

Now, most of you probably have doubts because you might think that these sites and apps require degrees or experience. guess what? No. they don’t and the best thing is you can do any of these at your own convenient time. Working from home at a flexible time is a breeze. So, let’s get started

Here’s the list of the best free side jobs for extra money, that pay daily.

Get paid to write.


1. Clear voice– If writing is your thing and you want to earn some decent money. You may want to check clear voice. This company pays you to write with different brands. Here’s a tip, to get hired fast, you need to make sure you fill out your profile thoroughly. So update your profile, upload some of your sample works and you’ll get hired based on what you know how to write about.

Get paid to charge a scooter.

2. Lime– Yep you heard that right you can get paid by charging up electric scooters. That’s all you need to do. The company has 3 chargers you can work with. All you need to do is go to the website and apply. They pay from $5 up to $15 per scooter. The company will give you an app to use where locations of the scooters can be found daily. Once your job is done you can get paid the same day.

3. Bird– Just like the company Lime.  You can get paid by charging scooters. They also have an app you can utilize with. Now, If you can work with these two companies, I’m pretty sure you’ll definitely make extra cash daily and no experience necessary. 

Get paid to do simple tasks.

4. Field agent– This awesome company comes with an app that you need to download to be able to earn some extra cash, All you need to do is go to different businesses, establishments in your area and you just need to follow the instructions that were given to you. 

Some examples of jobs are taking pictures, gathering information, reviewing products etc. By doing so, you help the company improve their products and services. And you can get paid from $3 up to $12 per job. 

5. Gig Walk– Just like field agent, This company offers similar side jobs. They also have an app that you need to use to work with. You just need to go around to different businesses, stores checking price tags, taking photos or videos, etc.

Get paid to do micro jobs online.

6. Insta GC– Although this is not like the previous two, they do pay you to do very simple tasks. Tasks like watching short videos, answer surveys etc. and yes once you reach the minimum threshold, you’ll get paid within 24 hours.

 Again, just like field agent, they do this to improve services and products of different companies. So, why not make money and make a difference right? You can make from $3 up to $100 per task. 

free side jobs to make money- the wise half

Get paid to test products.

7. Testing Time– Let me start with this: They pay up to $60/ hour to test apps and sites at the comfort of your own home. They will give you new apps and sites and you just need to review and test them. You probably heard similar companies like user testing and such from my previous posts. But testing time pays daily so you can give this one a try for yourself.

Get paid to freelance.

8. One Space– Don’t get me wrong, One space doesn’t just hire professional freelancers, Some jobs here are pretty simple. Jobs like researching, data entry, write articles. They have a lot of tasks you can choose from. So,Becoming a freelancer doesn’t need to be complicated and you get paid the same day.

Get paid to transcribe.

9. Scribie  If you’re a fast typer and good in grammar then you may want to check on Scribie. You probably read my previous posts mentioning scribie and other similar companies that you can work with. But scribie pays daily. You may want to apply with scribie and take a test to know if you qualify. But this is definitely a good company to work with.

Get paid to answer surveys.

10. Paid Viewpoint – although this doesn’t actually pay you daily. It really depends on you. But when you reach its minimum amount for cash out which is $15. Then you can get receive it within 24 hours. If you want to know how to earn more with surveys plus the top companies you can try. Better check my previous post here.

11. Mind swarms – This type of surveys lets you answer with the use of a webcam. It’s somehow similar with respondent. Although respondent is also a good company I highly suggest Mind swarms on the other hand, you can get paid when you participate in a study and get paid within 24 hours. Each study is worth $50. So you should definitely give this a try.

Get paid to browse.

12. Qmee -This browser extension can help you make money simply by browsing, searching, shopping etc. The company lets you download their app or their browser extension. So, anytime you do some searches and shopping you get paid. daily.

Now, these jobs are better when you have a mode of payment to redeem those earnings. And which is Paypal of course. Now, remember that when you work online or even offline. Most companies use Paypal to send payments. So better create one so receiving earnings would be a breeze.

Most of these companies pay daily. While a few may need to reach minimum cash out before you can withdraw your earnings. But, they surely pay you within the day. If you want to know more about how you can start working from home so you can leave your 9-5 better check my post here. 

Final words:

Finally, If you want to know more than just free side jobs, and how you can start working from home. Click here. And how I (inexperienced, juggling 3 kids and hubby) earn a passive income from home and take control of my financial problems? Check my previous post.

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