5 Reasons to visit Dubai.

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We went to this incredible city this year. But honestly, I was a bit worried about the temperature for my kids. You know the desert, sand, no trees, hot!.  Although My sister ( who settled there) describes the hotness as like standing at the rear of an overheating bus. I thought it was going to be that scorching, It’s not. Then I realized that it depends on the time of the year. I thought it’s blistering the whole year round. Being ecstatic I told my cousin about our trip and I was surprised how she confessed on how scared she is to go there. I did a little research and learned that some people do have some hesitations traveling to this wonderful city. So that’s why I narrow it down to 5 reasons why I  admire this place  and why you should visit DUBAI.

1. Burj Khalifa.- The tallest skyscraper in the world. How many countries have the tallest structures? Very few. So might as well check this one out of those few. My kids enjoyed it when it lit up like it was dancing at night. And when Whitney Houston’s song swayed the dancing fountain just right outside the building. It was so cool.

2. Shopping malls. For us women, this is the heaven of course. Grandest, longest malls are here. Hundreds of shops to choose from. And because the climate is mostly blazing the whole year. This is a good place to chill down with your family. And malls are freezing I think, which is good.
3. Gold. My mother is a fan of gold pieces of jewelry. So we went to this place where gold is everywhere, and I mean everywhere. It’s called Gold Souk. I just learned from my sister that Dubai has the cheapest. And because my mom is an expert when it comes to haggling, we all went home extremely pleased. So yes, better bargain no matter what. You’ll end up like us. Happy kids.
4. 7-Star hotel.– Here’s a lavish place I wanted to stay in, but can’t….. yet, maybe after years of hard work. Burj Al Arab. The only upscale hotel in the world that offers more than you can think of. Something to look forward if you have the riches. And the fourth tallest hotel in the world.
5. Palm Island– This is one of the tourist’s spots that astounds me. How in the world did they do that? Well, this man-made Island is definitely worth visiting. I just found out that aside from its worth. Which is millions and millions, went through a lot of trouble before they were able to offer this to the world.
 So aside from the hot weather. There is so much more with this City in the United Arab Emirates. It’s not so bad after all, We actually had a memorable trip visiting Dubai.

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