About Me



Who Am I?


I’m Ivy, a loving wife to my handsome better half, a mother of three wonderful kids. A 15-year old aspiring singer a 10-year old comedian and a 10-month old acrobat.


Former Vocal and ESL coach. A homemaker and a traveler. I live on the other side of the planet. Manila, Philippines. I’ve been working from home for years and this inspired me to share what I’ve been, learned and everything in between, to everyone who’s been working their socks off their whole life. And, sharing my love of travels and style as well.


English is my second language.  You might find my English to be odd sometimes. Just imagine how long it will take me to edit my blog posts and still end up with tons of mistakes. But, I didn’t let that hinder me and I know if I can do it so can you.


I’m no professional writer. I used to have the fear of being judged by my writing style. Then I realized what the heck. It’s a judgemental world. if 80 people don’t bother to even read my posts, It doesn’t matter. If 20 people love my writing style, I will love those 20 people. Guide them through my writing and teach them how I did it. In that way maybe the 80 would think twice.


Living on the other side. Work from home opportunities is extremely limited, because of my location. I had to make a massive research on each online work I can think of. I always ended up on a rollercoaster feeling of getting accepted, then realizing there are no available opportunities because of my zip code.


But then again, I didn’t give up and have no plans on quitting. Remember, wherever you are you can work from home. Patience is indeed a virtue.


Why did I start this blog?


Just like everyone else I’ve been through all the tough times of working my 9-5. It’s when I got pregnant with my second child that led me through this. It was a sensitive pregnancy (yes, my youngest did the same thing to me. They love me so much) I had to do something and work from home and help my husband or else we’ll all end up on the streets.


I tried every single work from home opportunities I stumbled. I sell, transcribe, review calls, play games, download apps, network, review music, categorize, and of course, teach English online. I swear, I  did everything I can think of. (that is legal of course)


Then people started asking what exactly did I do to earn money from home. And so I decided to write all of this fun, crazy and sometimes terrible experiences of side hustling from home. That turned into a full-time career.


If you’re still clueless how can I actually help you without spoon-feeding everything (lol) You can start by reading my beginner’s guide on how to start working from home. And there you can learn which career suits you. If you’re curious about blogging. You can also check my “Blogging” category on the top menu for tips and tricks to help you start. Blogging turned my life around. I know this can happen to you too.


I still consider myself a student. Still in the learning process of everything. But, I’m willing to share every step of my way to my lovely readers. So please do subscribe so you’ll get the latest updates on how to work from home, Make money online, Learn the latest fashion trends, Best places to travel and blogging tips.


Best of luck! And Happy Reading!




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