Can you make money with phone farming?



A few months ago, while I was doing some research on the best apps of 2016 I came across a number of videos about phone farming. Got curious how these guys get to earn money just by sitting around with their smartphones. And so I Immediately contact two of the best phone farmers on the net. I already have an idea about it but I don’t know it exactly.


If you are the type of person who wants to earn online but doesn’t like blogging or selling stuff. And if you have some old android phones lying around. You might want to read on and be the judge if this kind of making money online is for you.


What is phone farming?


Here’s what I learned from the guys on youtube and Reddit. (Thanks, guys! ) So basically, it is about collecting cheap but quality android phones as well as desktops and laptops. Then, downloading a list of legitimate passive apps to each and every phone and computers then turning them on to stream ads and videos.

And that’s it, you just sit and wait for your money to grow. For some, this may sound like a weird way to earn money. But with the right information, the right equipment, and some patience you might end up earning  $1,300 / month just like Drew from Shoo news and Joe from The Techslugs


credit image to the techslugs

What do you need?


Now, you have to be prepared because phone farming will cost you some money, of course. You need to purchase quality android phones. It could be cheap or not-so-cheap, as long as it passes the technical requirement that phones should be at least android 5.1 (lollipop) or higher. To know more about the technical stuff on phone farm like how to begin?, What to purchase? And a more detailed step by step process. Go check out Drew’s article on Shoo news

 Bottom line?


Phone farming is an interesting way to make money. Although this may not be for everyone. But, if you think this kind of work is perfect for you. Do a little bit of research and study the process and you might just get lucky just like these guys. And head on to the list of the legitimate passive apps that I will talk about in my next post.



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  1. Hello thewisehalf!

    I would like to collaborate with you on a small project that I got myself into. It is a small project yet has a huge potential to be a job killer. If you are interested, I will be sending you more information and get leverage from your pinterest follower.

    Hope to work with you soon.

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