Get Paid from $10 up to $19/Hr Teaching English With Education First.

Get paid to teach without experience- the wise half

It’s been a part of me to give and help everyone who wanted to start teaching English from home. But I just want to tell everyone that I do not own an Institute ( I wish I do), nor work as a headhunter for any of them.


What I do, is to guide all of you on how you can land that job. Giving you all the necessary steps, schools, tips, and tricks etc. To help and provide almost everything you need. Thus, making your life easier.


So please don’t send me an email with your resume. And for all my lovely readers here’s another school I found that hopefully would fit new readers who want to start teaching.


If this is the first time you’ve been here. And want to start teaching from home. Here’s a link on How you can start teaching even without experience or degree.


then if you’re in doubt of yourself and needed some boost, and some more ideas on how you can handle students you can Click here.


After that, you can now finally check my big list of schools where you can find different online schools and institutes where you can teach.


It’s categorized to which kind of tutor/ teacher you are. Are you inexperienced? No certificates? Current university student? etc. Just choose which school you fit. Click here for the big list.


This post may contain affiliate links see affiliate disclosure here. which means I may receive a small commission for clicks made through my links. they are good products and all our opinion and suggestions are unbiased I only share products and services that I use, trust and love


And for those who are still looking for a brand new school to check. Here’s a school that is not China-based. Where you can teach anywhere you are and no experience needed. Here’s EF or Education First.


What is EF?


Education First is the world’s largest private education organization. It’s founded in Lund, Sweden. With 580 offices and schools. Operating in 117 countries. With 46,500 teachers. How’s that for a strong foundation.


GET PAID TO TEACH - the wise half


Why should I work for EF?


– You have the opportunity to choose your own schedule and teach anywhere in the US or almost any other country around the world.


What are the benefits of working at EF?


– It’s very flexible. You can work at your own schedule. Set your own availability and teach from your location of choice.


– User-friendly platform and online classroom based on experience, schools who provide their own teaching platforms are the best schools to teach. You’ll soon realize how convenient it is especially if you’ve been teaching using only skype.


– prepared lesson and free access to any of those as well as the option to customize lessons. Another great factor to consider.


You don’t need to worry about what lessons to teach. I used to work in a school with no accessible lessons. It’s pretty time consuming to just organize lesson plans.


– Simple set up and 24/7 support. Here’s another advantage that you can’t easily get from other institutes. A support group that is ready to help anytime. Teaching online sometimes comes with technical problems that you can’t predict. And your savior is the tech team. Furthermore, saves you time.


– Communication and payment transfer from a U.S.-based company. One of the problems that people encounter is payment options. Knowing that transfers are Us based it would be a lot easier for most people.


What are the requirements?


– Native English speaker


-Passionate about teaching


-Completed Bachelor’s degree in any field


-Minimum 40 hour TEFL Certificate or equivalent (or willingness to obtain one)


– If you have experience in early childhood development, teaching, coaching or mentoring, they prefer that. But they do not require. Lastly, Life experiences count.


– Access to a headset, personal computer, and wired Ethernet connection.



If you think you are of a good fit, I suggest giving Education First a try. Remember, the more schools you apply, the more chances of you getting hired. If you want to try some other ways to work from home. You should check my post on how to start working from home.


Finally, If you think you have so much to share to the world like your travels, your fashion, food, hobbies etc. I suggest to better start blogging. This is just one way I earn money from home. Let me guide you on how you can start blogging.


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  1. I could not get the link to load.. And the only education first company I found did not seem to offer online teaching? Could you please fix the link?

  2. i am in Canada want to teach English children or adult if you want to know more bout me please E mail me ,
    i hope this is some thing real and my information are safe,
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