PlaytestCloud Review. Get paid to play games with phones and browsers.


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Don’t we all love playing games on our phones or desktops? Especially during our spare time. But instead of playing other games, Why don’t you try to play new games before they actually hit the market or games that are just newly launched. And at the same time earn some extra money on the side?


It’s like hitting two birds in one stone. Having fun and making some extra money. Well, It won’t make you rich but it’s a good way to earn some extra chachings. Let me introduce to you to PlaytestCloud. Now, You may have some questions in your head so let me answer them for you.


What is PlaytestCloud?


PlaytestCloud is a 100% legitimate company that pays testers, gamers to try out games while speaking their mind about it. They are a team of passionate gamers, aim to assist game studios around the world in making better games.


And you can be part of this team. They’ve worked with major gaming companies like Wooga (Jelly Splash), TinyCo, (Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff) The Walking Dead (No man’s land), Cut the rope and so much more. So yes this is legit!


Can I join?


Yes, They need every type of gamers/testers. Students, retired, to stay-at-home moms. Everybody can be a tester from casual to hardcore gamers. it’s available worldwide So everyone has the chance to receive tests wherever you are.


Another good thing about PlaytestCloud is that they won’t send you games that you are not interested in. You have the choice to choose which game you would like to test.


What Do I need to do?


All you have to do is check out their website. Create an account fill out the necessary information needed and that includes your choices of games. Wait for an invitation through your email. Once you respond to their test invitation, You’ll have the opportunity to test a game and you’ll get paid. You just need to have the following:


– A current smartphone/tablet/Mac or PC
– A Pair of headphones
– A PayPal account




How to test?


It’s easy, Once you’re selected for a game. You start by playing the particular game, Playtest will now record your screen while you’re playing. You just need to speak your mind about the game and that’s about it. As you can see from above I didn’t mention any camera because it’s not needed. They just need your voice for feedback.



Why do I have to talk out loud?


Game developers need to hear your feedback in real time, that moment when you enjoyed that slippery jump or the moment you got frustrated when you fall. That way they will know your feedback accurately because it reflects exactly what you are thinking and feeling at that moment.


How much will I get?


The playtester will know how much they will get through an invitation email. On average, most of the playtesters will receive a playtest twice a month and earn $9USD per game, which usually take about 15 minutes. But this still depends on the length of the test.


When do I get paid?


Payments are sent three times a week through Paypal. You have to take note that this is not a regular job. This is just a way to earn some extra money while having fun.


How can I join?


Just visit their sign up page and fill out all the information needed and you’re done. You can sign up here.


Most of us enjoy playing games on our mobile phones or browsers just because we enjoy them. This is just one way we can spend our spare time usefully.  You should definitely give this a try.




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