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Do you like to get paid to sort or listen to calls? Do you think you have sharp, keen listening skills? Although it isn’t necessary. This company may be the one for you. There are tons of companies that offer work from home, side jobs etc. but not every site is legitimate. Humanatic is 100% paying site. It has mixed reviews So I had to try out myself to really find out how this thing works.


What is Humanatic?

Humanatic is a company that would let you make money for reviewing phone calls. It could be downloaded as an app for smartphones or you could just visit their website if you prefer doing it on your laptops or desktops. Like most people.


The first time I heard this I got so excited because it seems very easy and so simple. And so I tried it, I first saw this from a friend on Facebook. She was tagged by his friend whom I think was earning around 30$ an hour on this. So Just like everyone else I was surprised. How in the world?! I later realized that he was working in a call center that is somewhat related to call reviewing. Making it a lot easier for him to filter calls.


How to get started?


Of course, you need to register to get started and use an email address of your verified PayPal account. If you don’t have a PayPal account you must create your own and get it verified. Why? Because most companies use this platform as a way of sending out earnings and or salaries to their employees.

Now once you have your account ready. You can start immediately. Remember, before you click review go to the category list and click any category that you want. Then read thoroughly, make it a habit of reading and understanding. And because there are tons of categories. Try to focus on 1 – 3 categories first, before you try out others. Start with those not-so-complicated ones and work your way up to the more complex ones.


The good thing about this is that you can try to open the instructions again if you are in doubt of your answer. You have to reach at least 10$ before cashing out. Now, don’t put your hopes too high yet. This app could be beneficial and suits you and it could be the other way around. This can make you some money but just as a side hustle. Not a full-time job.



Once you get the hang of it, You’ll start cashing in. One of the downsides of this app is that once you make a mistake, It will be deducted from your earnings. Yes. This could get frustrating. But if you master the category I think you will get fewer mistakes. I just hated it when some of the admin seems to intentionally get your answers wrong and you have to explain it to get your earnings restored.


What are the Pros and Cons?



  1. Flexibility- You can do this anywhere, anytime that you are free
  2. Weekly payments- Payments received every Monday as long as you have 10$ on your account. And yes I got paid many times already.


  1. Low pay- Yes. It is a low-paying site. If your lucky enough, like some people who are good at categorizing calls you might earn more than I do.
  2. Calls are inconsistent- There are days that you get to have hundreds of calls to review, But there are drought days as well. Better check every now and then so you’ll get the most out of the site.



Now, If you feel that this could fit you. Try this out to check if this is for you. You can apply Here. Not all money-making apps/ website are open worldwide. Humanatic is one of those few sites that are available to many countries. So you could try it yourself and you’ll be the judge.



If listening to calls bores you. This site may not be suitable for you but don’t worry there are still other companies, apps, sites that offer legitimate work. You can check out some of my previous posts here. If you want to start a career working from home. You can check my post on How to start working from home. 

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