How to make money on Facebook.

Here’s a way on how you can make money on Facebook. Not the way that most people think. It has nothing to do with selling in groups, starting up a store, Facebook ads etc. Here’s a method that you can learn, apply and eventually become a side job and earn an extra money. I will soon share some more ways on how you can earn some decent money through social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. This one starts with Facebook of course.

Head over Facebook or type in the URL address This is basically like google maps on Facebook. Once there you will see the search bar in the middle. Type in any city you can think of. It doesn’t really matter which city. SFO, Manila, Tokyo etc. A map of the city and restaurants in that area will appear, you’ll find  “see more places to go/eat” just below the list. Just click that and a whole bunch of list of restaurants from that specific city will appear. This also works with other local businesses and organizations.
 verify Facebook page
Or you can start searching some local businesses by typing “cafe in (specific cIty), or restaurants in New York in the search bar. A list of cafes/restaurants will appear.
After searching, choose one business. If you don’t see the gray badge (the gray check mark) that shows up right next to their company name on the left side of their page. An image below shows an example of the gray check mark or the badge that you are looking for. Remember, the blue check marks are for celebrity profiles while the gray check marks are for businesses.
  how to make money on facebook
Now if you spot a listing that doesn’t have that gray badge that’s what we are looking for. They are going to be our prime target. We need business owners that don’t have their facebook page verified.
 how to make money on facebook
If you don’t see the gray check mark then take note of that company’s name. Then start searching and make a whole list of businesses in your city that has unverified facebook pages.
Now, You might be wondering how are you going to take advantage of this? how are you going to make money with these pages? Here’s what you’re going to do. The first thing you need to do is to contact these businesses, DM them or email them and tell them the importance of the badge and that they don’t have them on their facebook page. Then offer them your service. Let them feel the need of your help with their business. Once settled you can charge them with $100 to $200 with this offer.  So what are you going to offer?
    1. A new logo, or new facebook profile picture, or a facebook cover photo (if you don’t know how I’ll tell you later)
    2. Verify their page
    3. Complete/Optimize their page
Now, not all of us are web designers and we are just here to help them verify their page right? This is easy. All you have to do is to head over Fiverr.  It’s an online marketplace that offers services like logo making, voice-overs, facebook cover art etc. With just a minimum of $5 per job. Visit this site and just look for somebody with decent reviews to make you a logo or facebook cover art. In just 1 to 3 days they will get the job done. If you plan to offer a new logo you can charge them with $200, you can offer this to businesses that need an update with their logo. If you will offer facebook cover art only you can start with $100.
How are you going to upgrade or optimize the page? It’s pretty simple you just need to fill out all the details that the company left out or miss when they first start making their Facebook page. Btw, once they pay you for this service you have to ask them to make you an admin so you can organize/update their page. Then finally you can now apply the verifying steps to verify their page and get the gray check mark on their page.

How to be an admin of their page?

If they don’t know how you have to walk them through this.
In the page click the settings on the upper right corner of and click page roles as seen in the image below.
You have to let them type in your facebook email and make you an admin.


How to verify a facebook page?

Here are the steps you need to follow in verifying a facebook page. In regards to #5. Make sure to get their local landline number, and inform them when are you going to verify their page. Next, Let them know that they will receive a call from Facebook with the 4-digit code that they need to send to you. Once you get the code, type it in and voila the facebook page is now verified.
verify a page
Please take note that the verifying of the facebook page is not available to certain countries. If you have other services you can offer you can upsell them after you finish this transaction. If you do this on a daily basis you will definitely earn $100 to $200 fast. Anyone can do this you don’t need any experience. You just need the will to start. I wish you all the best in working from home.
how to make money on facebook

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