How to make money with UHRS?


Have you heard of UHRS? Probably not. But, before I tell you more about it I think you’ll agree with me when I say.
“There are so many work-at-home ideas and opportunities nowadays, but most of them don’t fit me”. This is true indeed. But did you know that there is actual work that is easier than you expect? Here’s your savior. UHRS.


What is UHRS?

It stands for Universal Human Relevance System. It’s a website that can only be accessed through Clickworker. I’ve been working for UHRS for quite some time now. And because my location won’t allow me to access all the tasks in Clickworker. UHRS is my savior. One of the few tasking sites that are open worldwide.


How to access UHRS?

You have to set up an account in Clickworker. You can start here. Please take note that you can only open UHRS in Internet Explorer. Using other browsers like google chrome might get you banned from working there.


Once you have created your account,  Click payment details. There’s a question there asking your tax number. If your not a US resident, simply choose “No”. I’m a commercial/freelance. If you live in the US you have to provide your Social Security Number.


How to qualify for work?

You have to take the following tests. There’s no way you can skip this part and go straight to UHRS. Taking them is your way to open a UHRS account. It’s not that hard don’t worry.


First, you have to log in to your clickworker account. Once you’re logged in you can see the categories on top of your account, Jobs, Assessments, Profile, and Account. Click Assessments. You will now see the list of tests you need to take.


Basic English Test-

This one is pretty easy. It’s just simple basic English test. It doesn’t matter if you are not a native English speaker as long as you know basic English then you will be fine. Just make sure to carefully read and understand the questions. Haste makes waste.


Address project Test-

This test may sound like too complicated, But it isn’t. You just need to make sure that you understand and follow the guidelines about the address will be shown to you.



This test is a combination of Basic English test (the first one) and the address project test (2nd) If you know basic English this is not going to be a problem, just make sure to understand the questions before answering.



If you reach this part means you pass the UHRS 1 test. Celebrate! This part is just a process of how you will open a  UHRS account. Then, you will create your live ID that you’ll have to take note. I copied my live ID and sent it on my email, messenger, skype. Just to make sure I won’t forget it.

Now you’re done. Congratulations! You can now start working!


Here are the basic steps to guide you:


First, Start by logging into Clickworker, then a link will be given to you to get you to UHRS. Or you can go straight to UHRS login. Again, Don’t forget to open your account in Internet Explorer.


Second, Once you’re in the Marketplace. You will see the available hitapps. Read and follow the guidelines carefully to qualify. Next, check the preview so you will have an idea how it looks like. Check back after few days and you will see more hitapps. Finally, Click “start judging” and you’re good to go.


Things you need to remember:


1. Always access UHRS on internet explorer only.

2. Quality over quantity. Although judging is pretty easy and you can get paid from 1 to 15 cents.. sounds low but you can earn from $2 to $10 an hour.. sometimes $20/hour depending on your location. Make sure that you judge accurately. Don’t just go judging and checking boxes just to speed up and earn more. They will know that and you will be suspended from working on that specific Hitapp.


Lastly, This can get boring after some time so if you have a low tolerance for it, This might not fit you. And some hitapps may contain images strictly for adults. Working with UHRS won’t make you rich. But still, can help you to make ends meet. So have fun. If you find this interesting way to add some extra money you can start here.


UPDATE: You have to at least successfully complete one hit per month to avoid deactivation. If you get deactivated simply email So don’t lose that username and live ID.>


29 thoughts on “How to make money with UHRS?

  1. hi, I was trying to follow the steps on this article… but got lost on the “tests” part.
    can’t seem to find them…

    1. I think I missed writing that part, I just updated my article now. You need to log in to your clickworker account. Once you are in, You can click the assessments found on the top part of your account. You will now see the lists of tests you need to take. Thanks for dropping by Marina.

      1. Hi! Thanks much for this. Under assessmentd, it says there are currently no new base assessments available. 😢

  2. hi! Is it normal to have the message “There are currently no new base assessments available.” on the assessments? Or is there anything else that I’ve missed to qualify me to take the assessment? Thank you!

  3. Hi’s been three months since I signed up and I never get that many hitapps. Only three to four hitapps. I live in Indonesia

    1. HI Larry, I think there are down months. I live outside the US too so I don’t get that much. But you should always check because there are months that they are loaded with hitapps. Good luck!

  4. Thanks for the article, it was helpful. So I don’t see any mention in your article of completing a W9, is it necessary? I’ve printed it up but am a bit reluctant as I don’t intend to make over $600/year on this site. I appreciate any opinion on the W9 form submission.

    1. Hi Tracey, Yes they ask for completing a w9, I forgot to mention that because I live outside the US so It’s not required. I will update this article thanks for letting me know.

  5. What if you only have a Mac with no Internet Explorer? I’m in the US. Also my internet explorer at work doesn’t work either, we use microsoft edge now. Will that browser work?

  6. Hi there. Thank you for your blog and info. Just need some advise as i am stuck at the profile part. So my native language is Afrikaans but when i say other for native it says i cant have multiple languages. Also it needs a pdf upload ? Confused. TIA

    1. Hi Meliss,
      You can choose English with reading and writing, then select “mother tongue native language ” for the skill level.
      You don’t need to upload a certificate if you do that. Best of luck!

    1. I’m not sure now, But most hitapps are available worldwide. It’s just about the timing. Sometimes they have lots of hitapps in the morning, sometimes late in the evening, or even at noon. So you just need to check daily.

  7. Hello Ivy, thank you very much for sharing your ideas about how to earn money online, I have registered at the Clickworker site, I did not have to take any tests and have been already offered some jobs to do, which is great! However, in my profile, there is an exclamation mark saying:”We must have your tax information in order to process your invoice. We can only send payment to your account in conjunction with valid tax information.” I have put in that I live in the EU and it keeps asking me for my European sales tax-identification number (UID), but I do not have one. Will I still get paid whatever I earn through this site if I do not provide the UID?

    1. Hi Kamila,

      I really think you need to provide a tax id number. I don’t live in the US as well. But I think you’ll still get paid.

  8. UHRS has been pretty dry lately and it seems the SPAM score system on most apps is so broken it doesn’t even make sense trying to work on those apps. You’ll get temporary banned and your SPAM score takes a big hit even you did everything right because the Hitapp itself is broken.

    1. Hi Rico,

      I didn’t know that’s been happening lately. Have you tried emailing them about the situation? Will try to contact them as well. Thank’s for the information

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