How to make money without blogging.


So sorry If I’ve been MIA for the past month. I’m on my 9th month of pregnancy. Yes, It’s hard to balance work and family but it’s all worth it. And before I go for a month leave. I would like to share some of the ways that you can earn money without blogging. Ways that you might find easy or challenging. It really depends on which we are most comfortable with or which we are passionate about. Just like me, you might end up with a bunch of things you’ll find profitable to you.


Blogging. This may not always be the best solution for everyone. But, we all want to have a good source of income. Most of the time, We need something extra, extra money from side jobs and working online could be very beneficial to each and every one of us. Working from home is not something new. But we all agree that Blogging may not be for all. Different people mean different wants and needs. All of us have our own skills and forte. So to help you choose which work from home suits your taste. Here is a list of work from home/ Side jobs that may help you reach your goals. While taking care of your children or even while studying.

 1. Invest and make money with stocks.

Okay so let me explain this further, There are websites that deal with the large investments. But, what if you aren’t ready? You have no idea how this thing works, You need to learn and experience it first hand. And what if you have no money for bigger investments. What if let’s say you do have money but are afraid to take the risks. Here is a list of apps that you can try starting with $5 and then you can work your way up as you get better. These apps are user-friendly and will walk you through with just a fraction of a cost. Most of these apps are made for newbies. So you don’t need to be tech-nerd to navigate them.
Stock Market Simulator

2. Make money from short tasks.

 There is a wide range of websites and apps that offer short easy to complicated tasks. All of these sites are paying sites. You just need to choose which one you prefer. Tasks given are image tagging, downloading apps, reviewing and trying apps, Taking surveys, mystery shopping, watching videos and a whole lot more. Why I love these apps? Simple. They are here to help you make some money on your spare time. Especially now that I’m pregnant, I would just sit around and make money using my phone. Isn’t it cool? Check this list and learn why spare5 is on top. You can check their individual reviews in my “money” category.

 3. Sell, Sell, Sell.

Don’t we all have something to sell? It could be your old stuff at home, clothes, shoes, gadgets etc. And if you’re crafty you could even sell your hobby. If you got skills you can even sell your talent, service. I know someone who gets paid just giving life advice or just being a good listener to someone who’s in need. These apps and sites use different ways/ methods of payment. Most of them use PayPal. But meetups can be convenient as well. Here’s  a list of best sites and apps to sell your stuff and service.
Just like everyone else, There’s some part-time, work at home jobs that I don’t find very profitable for me. Or I just don’t like how some companies work. But with a little (or more) hard work, patience, and love combined I found what I’ve been looking for. You can check my previous posts to find out how I make money at home with or without blogging. And I hope you find yours too.

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