Online transcription jobs for beginners. How to start.


So, How to start transcribing as an inexperienced beginner? I received some emails regarding transcription jobs for newbies. And, I know that a lot of people may not be as fast typist compared to those who’s been working for years in the office. As well as those who didn’t have the chance to take transcription courses.


I feel you guys, I am one of those people who seem to just go typing anyway, anyhow. So let me tell you how you can start transcribing when you literally have no experience transcribing.


Once you get used to this kind of work, getting the hang of it. Experienced are now gained. And voila you can now move from a beginner to an experienced transcriber. Thus, giving you the opportunity to choose which online companies you would like to work with, with your preferred pay.


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How to start?


Let me introduce to you this company (This is not a sponsored post btw) called If you’ve been reading my past posts. You will notice that I mentioned this company already but for new readers, you’re in luck because today I would walk you through on how you can start working with them as well as gaining experience.


First, you need to go to GoTranscript website to apply or click here. One of the best things about this site is that you don’t need to create an account to start working with them. You will have the freedom to choose to work anytime you want any day you want.


As long as you make sure that once you start a project you will finish it. All you need to do is to sign up or log in to your Facebook account or Google account and you are done.


Second, Click the “apply now” for transcribers. You will be directed to the test. Now, before you go answering those questions. I suggest opening the guidelines first in a new tab. or click this for the guidelines. Once open you can now start reading the questions and reading the guidelines as well.


Make sure that you’re answers are 100% from the guidelines. You can not make a single mistake on this test. But don’t you worry. If you’ll just read and understand the guidelines, passing this test would be a lot easier than you think.


Third, once done with the first test. You will now move to transcribing test. Like just what I’ve mentioned earlier. Reading and understanding the guidelines is a must. Guidelines will be your savior and it will also be your way to be better at transcribing. getting better means more companies you can apply for.


It may take some time for beginners to finish but if you understand the guidelines you will surely pass this test. It may take up to 60 days for them to review your file. You will receive an email that you can now start transcribing.


TIP: Here’s a tip, If you really are a beginner. Like you have no experienced whatsoever and would like to start transcribing as a career. You may want to check the link to the old test. This old test would let you practice your listening skills as well as showing your mistakes. It will determine if you’re ready to take the second transcribing test. Once you think that you are ready. Go take the test. Remember, It’s not how fast you finish the test it’s the quality of your test.


As you can see from the image below you can practice first before you take the test. This old test will show your mistakes. Making it easier for you to improve on the spot. Giving you a bigger chance to get approved and start working.



Why GoTranscript?


1. Noob friendly

Once you got in. You will have enough time to finish a chosen project. All projects have due dates of course, but it’s just enough time to finish transcribing. You can choose once a day or twice or more. it’s all up to you.


2. They have a steady stream of projects waiting for you.

Choosing which project you can start with is a breeze. Especially if you’re just starting. You have all the opportunity to check which project you would like to take. Which projects you would like to try after some time, sooner or later.


3. Grow your skills.

This is one of the reasons why this is a good place for inexperienced peeps. You have the chance to grow. Because of the steady projects, enough time, great support team. Gradually, you’ll find yourself getting the hang of it and speeding up.


4. Practice time.

Even if you’re not accepted yet. You have the chance to practice your transcribing skills before you can pass your test for review. You can practice typing with the guidelines. While speed is not a big factor, the faster you finish the more projects you can take.


5. Get Paid ASAP

Paypal is their way of sending payments. You just need to have your own PayPal account, which is pretty easy to sign up. They send their payments weekly, which is their advantage compared to other companies.


6. Available Worldwide


Even if you’re not from the UK, You’ll still have the chance to apply. They hire transcribers worldwide.


As long as you produce good quality (according to the guidelines) and you pass them on time. Speeding up will soon follow, means higher earnings. Once, approved you are now a transcriber. You can now choose which project you would like to begin with. Everything is on your dashboard. Always remember to pass the projects on time. In the beginning, Projects may take some time for you to finish. But, That’s totally fine. As you continue doing this you’ll find yourself getting better and typing faster. Good luck!



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  1. How does transcribing work for someone out here on Guam? Most of the sites that I have come across does not recognize my region and they would not pay me. Any ideas??

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