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Still, don’t know which work at home suits you? Out of the many work-at-home jobs, Here’s something that might interest you. How would you like to get paid to type and or transcribe? There are companies that pay people to type that won’t require any experience. While some companies look for those with experience. Are you a beginner? Experienced? Read on and check out how you can earn some extra money from home typing.


What is transcription? Here’s a typing job that may require experience. Although, some companies are willing to pay beginners as long as they perform tasks well. You must have good listening skill. Because this job requires listening to audio materials of interviews, lectures, videos etc and then typing them to text.


What do I need to get started?


-Reliable internet connection
-transcription software (that you can easily download over the internet or company will provide one for you)
-foot pedal


How about skills?


– Fast typing skills
– Accurate typing skills
– Good listening skill
– Good grammar


“But I’m not experienced”. Not to worry. There’s a lot of work at home that doesn’t require a degree or experience? And this is one of them. Although having one won’t hurt. All it takes is a skill that you acquire through the years or something that you could learn on your own or with some training. It’s called data entry.


What is Data Entry?


This is one of the many work-at-home that I find easy. But you have to be aware that there are also many data entry scams all over the internet. Most companies will ask you to type and input/edit data into their system. They also have skill requirements.

Don’t worry If you’re a beginner some of them hire people even if they are not very fast at typing. Because once you get the hang of it, you will speed up eventually. Requirements are very much the same with transcription jobs although you don’t necessarily need headphones or foot pedals. But a good computer and a reliable internet is always a requirement for almost all work at home jobs.

get paid to transcribe


What are the companies that offer typing jobs?


1. Smart Crowd (Virtual bee)


Is a crowdsourcing, data entry company was formerly known as virtual bee. And has been around for so many years. Making this company a legitimate and a reliable place to apply. Available in the US and worldwide. Pay starts $5-$6 per hour. They pay weekly when you reached the minimum payout of $30.


2. Great American Opportunities-


This company has been known for fundraising and is already an established one. The job is to input information in their entry forms. Pay starts at $.10 cents per form. This can average to about $9 / hour. They also send weekly payments. But the company may not offer jobs all the time. It’s seasonal but you can still give it a try. You can check out their website for more information but the application is through email. You can send it to


3. Accu Tran Global-


Is a company that provides transcription services to clients all over the world. They hire only in US and Canada. Experience is not necessary but if you’re a  fast typist you should give this a try. The preferred typing speed requirement is 70/wpm.


4. Go Transcript-

Is another company that offers jobs worldwide. Pay starts around  $.60 per minute. You can choose which jobs to take and they pay weekly via PayPal. And because you can choose your job. It’s very flexible you can work anytime you want.


5. Scribie-

You probably heard of scribie. They pay 5$ to $20/audio hour. It’s another company that would let you work at your own convenient time. Very flexible and files are usually around 6 minutes or less. It also has its own software that would allow you to dictate instead of typing. You can also get promoted once you level up.



6. Speechpad-


Here’s a company that is great for newbies. But you have to make sure that you are good at grammar as well as a fast typist. They usually pay .25 per minute up to 1 per minute.  For captioning jobs it starts at .30 to 1$ per minute. Payments are made every Friday.



7. Transcribe team-


No experience? Here’s a company you wouldn’t want to miss.  You can work as much or as little as you want. Pays usually starts at $0.40 to $1.25/minute. Pays monthly via PayPal. It has a variety of audio recording to choose from. So you won’t get bored transcribing the same kind of audio files every day.



8. Casting words-


“I’m not from the US” Not a problem. Casting words accept workers from around the globe. They offer different types of typing jobs such as Transcribing, editing transcribing jobs, determining audios quality, approving transcripts etc.  Get paid through Paypal.



If you’re the type of person who has fast typing skills and wants to work in the comfort of your own home. You don’t want to miss this opportunity. Give yourself a try. Check out the list of the companies above and you might end up working with one of them.



If you feel like typing and data entry is not for you. You can check our money page for more list of work at home and hopefully, you will soon find the job that fits you. Happy reading!



17 thoughts on “Work at home with typing and online transcription jobs.

  1. I am interested in transcription. I do not have experience, however I work in accounting and I am kick to learn.

    1. Hi Brittney,
      If you’re a fast typist you can try REV instead, they accept inexperienced transcriptionist then you can work your way up. I forgot to add rev on the list. Best of luck!

  2. Hi Ivy i’ve been reading your blogs for quite a while and im still confuse if all of these work at home jobs can really earn money. You know ive experienced some scams before, but I still want to try it for some extra money to spend on bills. I am Mass Communication graduate andI already have a paypal account. It would be very helpful if you could give me some advice on how can I start on my journey to earn online. May God bless you and your newly born baby. 🙂 🙂

    1. Hi Angel,
      Thank you. Yes, they do work.But It also depends on your location. There are many kinds of online jobs that you can apply for. Are you a fast typist?, Do you like talking to people? Do you like to teach? click here You can also try literably, you can read the review here on how you can start even if you’re inexperienced. If you have a question just leave a comment to any post here on my blog.

    1. Hello Darlene,

      Data Entry is okay but, they don’t have a more regular job offers/tasks. If you want a consistent job offers. You should go with transcription. They have a regular pool of clients bringing more jobs to everyone.

  3. Please kindly advise how I start beginning a transcriber as a beginner in South Africa and would like to be paid weekly if I’m considered for a transcribing position.
    Where will I get a foot pedal from.

  4. Thanks for all the info!! Are any of these known to produce enough work to replace a 9-5 income? Or is it better to work for multiple places? Looking to replace my current income!!

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