Get paid to teach/chat in English, in the most convenient way.


2018 Updated


This is one of the most convenient ways to teach English that doesn’t need a degree.  After setting up everything you need. You can teach English anywhere, anytime. Many online English schools nowadays cater to most Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese. And they use Skype as their major means of communication and some other platforms comes in second.


This post may contain affiliate links see affiliate disclosure here. which means I may receive a small commission for clicks made through my links. they are good products and all our opinion and suggestions are unbiased I only share products and services that I use, trust and love.


Palfish, on the other hand, is an app that’s more than just a free video/messaging software. It has a lot of awesome features that make teaching pretty easy. It can store English lessons so you don’t need to open a lot of apps while teaching. I also want to point out that most of the time my students just want to chat. They just want someone to talk with in English. So, It’s like just chatting and making money.


You can schedule your available time so students can easily book you in the future. It also can help you book a schedule for specific students, this cool feature can help you gain regular students. You can earn an average of $15/ hour to as much as $45/hour.


This app is available worldwide. Thus, making it easier to teach English anywhere you are in the world. They have a pool of Teachers from US, Canada, Australia, England, Philippines, Singapore etc. They’re not looking for Native speakers only. As long as you’re good at English you’re good to go.


How to get started? 

1. Download the Palfish app Here.  Or go to app store/play store and download the Palfish teacher app, not the student app. Create your account.


2. Fill out all the information needed. Try to write a very good introduction in the bio section. Make sure that you encourage the students to choose you. Make it a point to sound interesting and fun to talk to. Remember, There are hundreds of teachers, so make an effort to stand out. And, It should be more than 100 words. It needs to include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your nationality
  • The college that you have attended or attending.
  • Teaching experience if you have (recommended but not necessary)
  • What can you offer (This is where you put your encouraging words and interesting points of yourself)


To make you feel better, new teachers are featured on the student’s app.  So there’s a big chance that you’ll receive calls right after your account is approved. And there are thousands of students from China and the world. As they say, there’s a lot of fish in the ocean.


3. Upload a pleasant profile picture. Some students told me that they like to call teachers with a charming smile and not those with a very intimidating look. So smile with all your heart. Make sure that the picture is yourself not anyone else’s. It’s a clear photo that people could recognize who you are. And you are the only person in the picture. Some teachers upload a selfie with friends on their background, Don’t use those pics.


4. Upload a voice recording- You can just easily read your bio and record it or record a new one. Make it a point to sound happy, lively and encouraging, but not to the point that you sound like a squeaking pup, (too high pitched). Just a normal Speaking voice will do. Remember the following:

  • It needs to be longer than 30 seconds
  • The recording is clear (very important)
  • You need to showcase your English pronunciation and proficiency. (Make sure you don’t speak too fast)
  • Talk about your specialty


5. Wait for the admin to verify your account then you can start teaching.  If your profile is incomplete. (no profile picture, Short introduction) Chances are you won’t get approved.

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Things to prepare:


1. High-speed internet– A slow internet may cause frequent disconnection while having classes. And or student won’t be able to call you even if you are online and free to have classes. Again, I want to emphasize on this. You will not appear available/online if you have a slow connection. It happened to me before, A couple of my students told me that they didn’t call me that day as I appeared offline to them. Another one told me that she tried to call me many times but I didn’t receive any calls from him.


2. Smartphone with front cameras and headphones– Some students like to see their teacher’s faces while having classes but don’t want to show theirs. While others prefer not to use the camera and wouldn’t mind you turning off your camera as well.


3. English lessons – It’s better safe than sorry. Although most students wanted free-talk. Some of these students will definitely call you again especially if they like you. So it’s better to save some lessons to your phone. There is an ocean of lessons on the web. Just make sure to choose the ones that are not so complicated especially if you are not a Professional English teacher.



1. Available worldwide

2. Pays on time through Payoneer. Monthly.  If you don’t have one just go to Payoneer and create an account it’s pretty simple to make one. They will even send you your own ATM card that you can use to withdraw money anywhere you are in the world, You can open an account here.

3. Flexible hours- You can teach anytime your free. But you have the option to

book some regular hours for your regular students.



1. App sometimes has glitches.

2. The updated version may not be compatible with some smartphones

If you think this side job fits you. Then go ahead and download the Palfish app.


Here’s a screenshot of my payment proof. As you can see it’s not much because I only teach twice a week and or just an hour or two. But if you do this consistently you will earn more for sure.


Palfish has gone through too many changes recently, I’m pretty sure it’s for the better. Like payment method, in-app English lessons.  Updated teacher’s and student’s profile.  If you think that you are very much qualified but didn’t hear from them. It’s because they have a massive pool of applicants. I hope that they are trying to work these things out. As they have a huge number of students. So don’t lose hope.


Recently, I came across a number of new teaching app. Mostly based in China. Like what I’ve mentioned. China has a great number of learners of all ages, so new apps and institutes will rise and I will make sure to try and test them out for you guys. See you in my next post.


67 thoughts on “Get paid to teach/chat in English, in the most convenient way.

    1. Hi Byrony, thanks for dropping by. I checked my messages lately and found out that there are so many teachers applying in their company nowadays, that’s why it’ll take a while for them to sort/ filter all the applicants. and applicants need to stand out on their application to be able to pass.

    2. Hi, I have so many questions for you. If you could help that would be great! For example, when you open your time lot and a student requests it, do I get a lesson to teach them or do I have to provide one myself?

  1. Thank you for writing this review! I just joined palfish and my application was approved! I was a little skeptical about the rates until I realized that japan and china have virtually the same symbol for currency but significantly different exchange rates. Japanese currency is running (as of today) approx 1 usa penny per yen (¥) but Chinese currency is running at 15 cents usa currency per yuan (¥). Big difference. At a suggested 1¥ per minute trial rate, that’s a difference of making 60 cents per hour or making $9 per hour. Crazy!

    1. Hi Mary, Thanks for dropping by! Yes, that’s right there’s a big difference with yuan and yen. And congratulations, I heard that getting approve is very difficult nowadays. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

  2. Hi Ivy,I am from India..

    I wish to apply for this job.Please tell me how can I decide payment rates.Should it be in Indian currency ?

    1. try to start with Chinese Yuan currency, convert them to your currency. My advice is to start low then work your way up when you have a lot of students already. Check the rates of the new teachers and the old ones you will know how much you can start with.

  3. What if you’ve never taught before, have no experience as a teacher or at lesson plans but just think you’d be a good fit since you worked with children and have good communication skills. Would they accept you? would it be very difficult?

    1. Hi Asia,

      Yes, they will. In the bio section, you’ll need to tell something about yourself. Make an effort to stand out, you don’t need any teaching experience but it won’t harm if you do. I noticed that people who wrote a lot and say something interesting, encouraging and funny are most likely to get approved. Best of luck!

  4. Hi Ivy

    How did you find the sound test? Did you do this? I get presented with an image of a book “The Raven” but it is barely visible to read on my phone…

    1. Hi John,

      Wow, I didn’t know they have that now, I guess they scale up their application. Why don’t you try to open your account on a much bigger phone? (your dad’s, friend’s etc) so you’ll be able to read it. I hope it helps. I will also try to let them know about this. Good Luck!

  5. Hi Ivy! Great article
    I dont see any options on Palfish for Paypal payment. There is only Chinese bank account and Payoneer which seems to have a lot of bad reviews. It may have changed or something.. Please advise

  6. Hi, I’m from Philippines, and in the country selection, my country (Philippines) is not in the choices, can i still teach in Palfish? Thank you!

    1. Hi Jason,

      I heard that palfish is now available on desktop. I’m still trying to contact them for the updates. You should give it a try

  7. Hello..

    I have 2 years experience teaching ESL .. How low do you think I could submit as my salary? Or what’s the average.. Thanks!

    1. Hi Mae,

      The lowest is 0.5RMB/ hour the average is 1.5RMB. But What I did is I started low but not the lowest just to gain a lot of students. Then I slowly increase my rate after few weeks. Long enough for me to have regular students. Good luck!

  8. Tried registering then the app said the verification code is being sent to my number I haven’t got it.I’m based in Botswana

  9. hi Ms. Ivy,

    Good day!, I just want to ask, is it required to have latest version of iphone or ipad? there’s a pop-up/ notification that i’m not eligible for using this app but it goes through on the profile. thanks

  10. Hi Ivy! thank you for all the details, could you please recommend a site that provides you with some nice lesson plans or something similar, would appreiciate it. Thanks 🙂

  11. Hi Ivy,

    Same with Ross, please recommend a site that provides you with some nice lesson plans.

    Thank You

  12. Hi! Are you still an active teacher at Palfish? Do I have to set up a Paypal Account before applying, or can I wait for the results of my application before setting it up? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jl,

      Unfortunately, I no longer teach at palfish, I got pregnant last year and it wasn’t very easy so I had to quit a few online classes. I suggest you apply first. Creating a paypal account is easy

  13. Hello Ivy,

    Great article! I want to try this too but I am a bit skeptical since I don’t have teaching experience. Could you please send some lesson plans or tips? How does it work? Do I have to provide the lesson flow or the app will provide it?

    1. Hi Aelize,

      When I left palfish there aren’t any lessons provided. You have the provide it yourself. I’m not sure now. I suggest you try to be prepared and get some easy basic ESL lessons that you can easily get online. Most of the students only wanted someone to talk to, so they can practice their English skills. I’m currently writing an article about books and stuff on teaching ESL students.

  14. Hi Ivy, I have just done my TEFL course and received my certificate. I am so eager to teach and Palfish really appealed to me. Can you also recommend some sites to me as well please where I can download lessons. I would really love to try this.

    Warm Regards


      1. Hi
        I’m just about to apply to palfish. I’d be very grateful if you could email me any sites that I could down load easy lessons.

        I’m Scottish but can speak very good English😀 at present I am a teaching assistant and work with mainly children with learning/physical disabilities. I do not have a degree but work in a teaching environment. I hope this will help when applying.

        Do you still recommend Palfish to start with?

        Kind Regards

        Louise Innes

        1. Hi Louise,

          Yes, I do recommend Palfish. Because you can easily set your own rate. But you can also try other companies. You can check my previous post on how to start teaching online. It has a list of English resources you can use, Especially elllo. It has downloadable audio lesson. Good luck with your applications! God bless!

    1. Hi Cindy,

      I’m currently writing an article about lesson plans, books etc. Because I received tons of emails about it. I will post them this week.

    1. Hi Wendy,

      You have to choose another username. Teachers need to have different usernames/teacher’s name. My teacher name is different because my real name has been obviously taken. So student won’t get confused if there are too many teachers who have the same name.

  15. Hi Ivy,
    Does any iphone cellpone can be use in this kind of job? Does mode of payment can be transact with any paypal account since Im from the Philippines?Thanks for feedback.

    1. Hello Khen,

      I think for the more recent ones only. Palfish updates its app to be compatible with the latest phones. I’ve learned that they now remove PayPal as a mode of payment and use payoneer instead. You can easily create a payoneer account online and they will send you your ATM card anywhere you are in the world.

  16. hello ivy
    i want you to tell us some tips to how overcome the fear of teaching in the beginning, have you finish the article? and can you recommend some sites for non natives and inexperienced teachers?
    thank you

  17. Hello, I have downloaded the app am not able receive a verification code from them. Do you know why that might be? Is there a way to contact them?

    1. Hello Natalie,

      There are days that those things happen, Maybe it’s a glitch or something you just need to wait for few hours or a day then try again. And make sure that you type your correct phone number.

  18. Hello, I have a question. When you teach with Palfish, is it through the app on your phone? Or somehow on the desktop/laptop? Sorry, I know you no longer work with the company. Hope you can help. Thank you.

  19. Thank you for all the useful information! I am a native speaker from the USA living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I have 4G internet. Is that fast enough to teach online with palfish? It seems that my uptime isn’t quite as good since I moved across the river so changing cell phone companies is always an option.

    1. Hi Boogie,

      I’m not sure if 4g would work best. But if you have no problems calling abroad with 4g that’s fine. But I would suggest to make sure your upload and download speed is above average in your location. You really need a stable internet when having classes. Best of luck!

  20. Hi Ivy,
    Thanks for sharing this. I have been looking for a work -at- home part time job and teaching caught my attention. I am very grateful that you shared this idea. I would love to receive some link regarding lesson plans.

  21. Hello Ivy,

    Thanks for the article! You mentioned that you can earn $15 to $45 an hour with this app. I was wondering how long do you think (on average) it takes to be able to start making $15?

    1. Hi Jake,

      I worked here around 2017 but they are still active. As far as I can remember I didn’t increase my rate until I had a lot of students, Some of them are begging me not to increase my rate as most teachers do, That’s why I waited for a month and a half before I increased it. It’s really up to you. And if the students think you’re worthy of your rate they’ll definitely call you again and again.

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