10 Awesome sites to sell photos online.


Do you have tons of photos to sell? Even if you don’t have a lot. Or never thought of selling them. Well, you might just be after reading this. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a camera at home. It could be a professional SLR camera, a simple digital pocket camera or a high-resolution phone camera.


Everybody has it. Which is pretty awesome. Everybody loves to take pictures. Just imagine yourself, You take pictures when you eat, travel, or just simply being with your family and friends. Almost everyone has tons of memories with their phones and computers.

make money with photos


One of the best things about this is that you can get paid to take/upload pictures easily. There are many sites nowadays that pay you to take pictures. Apps that pay whenever you upload breath-taking pictures. As simple as that. Some of these companies even have requests on what pictures to take, Which is pretty cool and challenging to all photo enthusiasts.


But I’m not a professional.


Not a problem. Some of these sites and apps don’t ask for a diploma or experience. As long as you have the knack to take pictures or an eye for breath-taking photos. Then you’re good to go. And of course, you must own the pictures you sell.


1. FOAP-

Let’s start with apps. This app has been very popular for buying photos straight from your camera. Photos are sold $10 each and you get $5. Here’s a tip: Do not upload pictures just because they look pretty. Upload pictures that are awesome and sensible. Nobody buys a boring picture even if you have tons and tons of uploads. Quality over quantity.


2. Snapwire-

Here’s another app that you can try yourself. There are two ways to make some extra dollars with this app. One is to sell your stock photos to the market. And second, is to join the challenges and request for specific photos and a chance to get nominated and win prizes. You get to keep 50% from portfolio and marketplace sales. They pay a lot better than other photography sites.


3. Alamy-

This site claims to be the top photography site around you can check out, you get 50% of your sales, The site also has a big traffic so you can check this one out especially if you’re a professional.


4. Shutterstock-

This website has been around for years and has been popular for selling photos. If you’re a professional you should check this one out. Photos are paid per download. If you’ll check their website you can see their earnings breakdown. Some people may find this low but you have to take note the amount of traffic of this site. So there’s definitely a big chance of earning more.

5. Istockphoto-

Is another one of the most well-known sites when it comes to photography.  You can earn as much as 45% of commissions. And just like Shutterstock, they have a high amount of traffic so your pictures have a high chance of visibility and chance of getting a download. So yes you can earn a lot with this site especially if you’re a professional




6. Clashot-

I think this is a really nice app. You can sell your photos for $.50 cents to $80.00 Which is better compared to Foap. You can charge depends on what you think your photos are worth. The app is downloadable on both Android and IOS. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or an amateur as long as you have some awesome photos to sell.

7. Markedshot-

Another popular photography app is called Markedshot, Also available on both apple and android. They also check for copyright so it’s a good thing. Also, pays 50% of royalties.

8. Dreamstime-

This photography site has been around for years now and they now have the app version as well. You can sell your photos and get up to 60% of earnings which is a pretty good deal whether your amateur or a professional. They also have a great amount of traffic.


9. Animals animals-

Do you like taking photos of animals? How about earth scenes? Are you a nature lover? Here’s a good site that pays animal photos and nature photos and get 50% commission. You just need to make sure you only send high-quality photos.


10. Scoopshot-

Is another awesome money making app that pays you to complete photography as well as video assignments. Another app that doesn’t require professional photographers. All photo enthusiasts are welcome to join. Unlike other sites. Scoopshot will ask users to take photos based on publisher’s wants. Then users will upload that specific photo. If the publisher likes it then it will be sold.

Always remember that we all have the chance to earn money through photos. It just depends on how determined we are to take great photos. If you feel like you have an eye for photography a knack for taking pictures. And tons of stock photos. You may want to try selling them.


If you’re a professional photographer you know you have a bigger chance to earn more on websites such as Dreamstime, Shutterstock and more. If you’re an amateur you can start with Clashot and Snapwire, Although the rest are all great sites you should also check them out.


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  1. That’s nice article…I only join on 3 sites of them to make money…and 2 another again. you can check on my blog.
    Still struggle to make good income from this method.

    1. Thanks For dropping by Heru, It’s alright, not all side jobs are for everyone. We can always choose the one we enjoy the most. I will check your blog. Thanks again!

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