Coron, Palawan Philippines. Why it’s worth travelling.

Living in the Philippines all my life has been both tough and rewarding. Let’s just skip the tough part (that includes the city traffic) And move on with the rewarding part. One of the best places that we can’t get enough and always been proud of is Coron, Philippines. It’s Heaven on earth. Rachel Weisz once visited the Philippines for the movie Bourne legacy. Quoted “Palawan is more like the Emerald City. It’s like a fantasy. Maybe it’s real to you, but to me, it looked like a fantasy. It’s voted as the best Island in the world for two consecutive years.

For those who have no idea. The Philippines is consist of more than 7,100 Islands. I heard the news that 400 new islands appeared lately. This means more beaches. And I mean a lot. But I want to start where I feel is the best (although, there’s a lot of awesome beaches waiting to be posted) Coron, Palawan. Why? Beautiful and worth traveling. There’s so much to see and experience in just one place. It’s not just one island, There’s beaches, lakes, mountains, hot springs that are all worth visiting.

Best places to visit in Coron.

1. Mt. Tapyas- Even if you’re not fond of trekking or mountains. You shouldn’t miss this part. Because you don’t need to worry the slippery mountain, It has concrete steps already. You can even go jogging while going up. (It’s good but tiring hahaha) When you reach the top that’s where you will see the whole island of Coron and you will begin to appreciate the beauty of it.  You will be welcomed by a Big white cross and “CORON” word like that of the Hollywood.
2. Maquinit hot springs- After a long walk in the mountain. This is the best place to end your day. A hot spring dip in the evening is the best thing to do. To relax and to recharge your body for the next day. Remember that there’s so much to see and to experience in this island. Everybody needs a nature’s way of a spa.
Credit Image: travelbook. ph
3. Siete Pecados- This is the usual first stop of Island hopping of most tour packages. This place is a snorkeling haven. Cool water and an endless beauty underneath. Colorful schools of fish, Corals, and other sea creatures are all Instagram-worthy. You may want to take waterproof cameras with you.But if you want a more serious diving there’s a lot of certified diving shops that give diving lessons as well. Coron has been known for many sunken warships as well.
Credit Image: Out of town blog
4. Twin Lagoon- Another beautiful place. Water is cold and calm, and you can go paddle boarding. Kayaking is another thing to try in this lagoon. Which I think is pretty cool. Then you can also go snorkeling. These lagoons are also worth seeing. I remember our tour guide brought us there early morning because he said the water is still low tide, thus making it easier for us to crossing the other lagoon swimming under the mountains. It was an amazing experience I must say.
5. Barracuda Lake – My kids thought this is one of the coolest lakes they have ever been, Which I agreed. It has the clear warm water and a good place to swim.Although the entrance is a bit smaller than Kayangan Lake and you need to climb up and take the wooden stairs down the lake. It’s all worth it once you reached the beautiful lake. Surrounded by the limestone walls swimming in this lake is much more enjoyable than you think.
Credit Image: Rey Torres Flickr
6. Kayangan Lake- The pride of Coron, This is one of the best parts of the trip. Although going to this lake will take you around 15 minutes or 10 if you’re a fast walker climbing uphill. Just like Barracuda lake, it may take some time to witness the beauty of this lake but it’s all worth the effort and the steps are a lot wider than that of Barracuda. This is the cleanest and the most beautiful lake I have ever seen. And It’s indeed the cleanest in the country. The water is so clear it’s kind of scary at first seeing all the rock formations below you. But the amazement is more than I expected. I think this was the longest stay we had that day.
Credit Image: Br. Jeff Pioquinto
Credit Image: Julia Sumangil Flickr

Never Miss Snorkeling and Diving!

Why? You are in Coron, Palawan one of the best Island in the world. Snorkeling and Diving are like being in national geographic in person. IF you’re not a diver this is not a problem. Because you will get the chance to see the coral garden and even the Japanese shipwrecks even if you’re not diving deep. Having a waterproof camera is a must here. But if you want to see the sunken ships in a more close encounter diving is a perfect choice. Furthermore, Coron would never be voted the most beautiful Island in the world for 2 consecutive years for nothing.
Credit Image: Two Seasons Resorts

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