How to make $26 per hour teaching Chinese kids. Magic Ears Review.

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That feeling you get when you apply and you know you have the chance to get hired but still didn’t get that dream job. That’s a sad thing for me. But of course, let’s not dwell on the past and I’ve moved on, I got hired, gained experience and life has never been the same.


Applicants now are extremely fortunate compared to us peeps 8 years ago. Finding an online teaching job is easier, faster and now get this….. Companies even train you how to pass their own application process! Isn’t that neat?


Yes, that’s the reason why I knew I had to share this online English school to everyone. It’s called Magic Ears.


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What is Magic Ears?


Magic Ears provides fun, interactive and efficient online learning experience to kids in China. Their mission is to be the superhero of Chinese children. They provide a pleasant environment that allows teachers to teach and grow with the company.


Although teaching is the major job to earn a decent income from this company. They also let the teachers have the chance to get higher positions such as interviewers, trainers, social media administrators. Thus, making it a win-win situation for the teachers and the company.


What does Magic Ears offer?


– They offer salaries of 30% higher than the average market value. Make $22-$26 per hour, higher base pay than the average.


– Work from home, or anywhere as long as there’s a stable internet connection.


-Choose your own hours.


-Paid training class/trial classes.


-All lessons are provided (no lesson planning required)


-Training and support is provided,


-They have a team that handles scheduling and student assignments.
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What are the requirements?


-Stable internet connection


-Computer with camera/Headset/


-Native English Speakers from US and Canada


-Any  experience works, they will train you if you have the right personality
-Non-degree holders are welcome to apply.


– Big smile and love for kids


-Bright lighting, Tidy background, and quiet Environment


What is your job?


– Teach English to young learners between 5-12 years of age through an online platform provided.


-Will be teaching classrooms with up to 4 students


– Teach each lesson in 25 minutes only.


– Smile


Career growth


And As I mentioned earlier, They want you to grow with the company. Career-growth is something you can look forward to.  You have the chance to be one of the following:






-Curriculum Designer






-Social Media Specialist.


Final Thoughts


If you’ve been reading my previous posts. You know that I review/support schools that are unique, trust-worthy and ready to help applicants who are either beginners or inexperienced. I was once an applicant, and I know how difficult and sometimes daunting it is to apply to each and every school.


And the reason why I want people to know magic ears is they provide you with lessons on how you can pass their own application process. Ensuring that you will get the job with flying colors. This is such a great help to everyone. It’s the next level for online English schools. Companies like these want potential teachers to get the job they want.
If you think this job fits you, Go ahead and grab this chance and apply here.
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Photo  by MI PHAM on Unsplash

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