8 Awesome travel hacks you must know.

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When you travel, You get all excited that you sometimes forget things, Lose stuff, spill toiletries etc. I must say that you need to know and remember these 8 traveling hacks that some new travelers miss. Even if you’re booked for long or short trips. These hacks will surely help you ease the overwhelming preparation.


Travelers who are in haste often forget even the tiniest details, Those who have kids often has so much to think of that we sometimes overlooked other important things. So, I gathered all these awesome hacks for you. Like most people say ” Better safe than sorry”.


8 Amazing travel hacks, We all must know.

1. Pill box turned jewelry cases-  Don’t we hate it when we travel especially girls and moms like us and we lose an earring or we forgot on which bag pocket did we put our ring because we had to remove it because we were so eager to go swimming? Isn’t it neat and very convenient to have those small accessories all in one small case?
2. Plastic wraps on your bottles- This is very simple but yet very clever. We know that when we travel our luggage piled up with the rest of the people on board. So there’s a chance that our shampoo bottles may explode in our clothes making it a real mess. Wrapping a plastic wrap around the opening and putting the lid back on is the safest way to prevent it from spilling.
3. Crafting boxes for multiple snacks– Got Kids? Or even if you don’t here’s something that so unique and so yummy. Not just saving you money while on board but saving you from crying kids on the plane.
4. Pack shoes in a shower cap- This will prevent your clothes and your luggage from getting dirty. Even if you will bring a new pair of shoes. When you go back home, your shoes will bring some dirt from that wonderful trip.
5. Get the E-book version of your guide book-  A very convenient tip. In this mobile phone, era lets make a very good use of our phone. Save you from luggage space, save you money and very lightweight.
Source: Buzzfeed and Rick Steves
6. Place a cotton pad over your pressed powder or cotton ball over your eyeshadows- This will prevent it from breaking. I’ve been doing this tip for years I want to thank Miss Natty for this wonderful Idea.
7. Pack an empty bottle- Yep. It saves you money and time. You don’t need to stop and buy $5 water bottle at the food court. Airports have water fountain just fill it up before you leave.
8. Fill your contact lens case with liquid that small amount would be enough. Such as foundation, moisturizer etc. Saves luggage space.
contact-lens-case-travel hacks
Source: Buzzfeed
We all have this uber exciting feeling whenever we travel. Don’t forget to also be a smart traveler. It won’t hurt to at least organize and pack things in advance and have a worry-free trip. These smart travel hacks should be a staple step to all travelers like us. So, we can all enjoy any trip in the future. Have you tried any of these hacks already? Do you have some new hacks of your own?

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