How to sell stuff online with these 10 awesome apps.

Thinking of how are you going to make some extra money fast? Do you have lots of stuff at home that you just want to get rid off? You want to sell but have no time to have a garage sale or ask each of your friends who’s interested in buying? Here’s a list of unique apps that you might find an easy and convenient way to sell your stuff while earning some extra cash.

There are times that we need an instant cash to pay our bills. And looking for a side job could sometimes takes time before getting hired or approved. Selling on the other hand is one way to earn money within days. Especially if you have lots of stuff that you want to get rid off that is worth selling. The following apps will help you decide where you can sell your items without leaving the comfort of your home. Just download it and your ready.

Carousel– You might have seen this app from the news feed ads of your FB or Instagram account. It’s quite new but a lot of people are actually enjoying this new app.This is one convenient way to sell your unwanted stuff. You can sell anything you can think of. All it takes is just a few photos and post a listing within less than a minute and you’re done. Just to clear things out, Carousell won’t let you pay within the app, what they do is that they let buyers and sellers negotiate and talk about how payment and receiveing can be made. So if both parties decided to meet up that’s fine or to pay through paypal and etc. This app is available in both IOS and Android.

Wallopop– This is another new app that won’t let your private address be seen. Which make you fell safer when selling within the local area.  Just like any other selling app, to start selling you just need to make a listing and provide some snaps of the item you want to sell and post the price. any one whose within the area can see your listing and can communicate with you easily. Available in both IOS and Android.
Gone– Here’s another app were you can earn cash by selling your unwanted stuffs. This app works a bit different from the previous two. This app accepts mostly electronic gadgets and appliances. When you have unwated gadgets or appliances around you just need to take some photos or record a video of the item then Gone will decide if your item can be sold. Then they will make a price to offer to you if you accept it you will need to follow some simple instructions on how they will get the item from you. They will automatically list and look for a buyer for you at no cost. This is very convenient. You don’t need to worry about how to sell it. This is available on IOS and
Offerup– Got bigger things to sell? Afraid to sell to strangers? Here’s one of the best selling app in the market today that accepts almost everything you can sell. And would only let you transact with real people. This app offers an optional truyou prgram that validates your identity. They don’t offer shipping options like other selling apps. They would let buyers and sellers to message each other and arrange their transactions , locations of the items are shown so that people can easily check items within their area. This App is available in both Android and IOS.
Letgo– this is another popular selling app that would let you check items within your area. This app is available both in IOS and Android. Like most of the selling apps in this list, They also encourage buyers and sellers to message and transact in person rathen that just shipping the items. But what I like about this app is that it would let you make a video to advertise your item in a fun way. It also has the option to connect your facebook account so that it would be easy for the app to verify the account, making it safer for both buyers and sellers.
Mercari– Here’s another free selling app that accepts new, used items. It doesn’t matter if it’s gadgets or handcrafts. This app originated from Japan. Boasts a million shoppers and became a shopping sensation. Just like some of the previous apps. You can start selling buy uploading photos (at least 4), write all the information, price and if you will cover the shipping or not. They say better to cover it because people tend to buy more with free shipping. This free app is available both on IOS and android.
SocialSell– This free app would let you create an account and sell in seconds. To make a listing you just need to upload photos of the item. Which is almost about anything that clutters your house. They have so much categories from apparel to fitness to gadgets and so much more. Buyes and sellers can transact through direct messaging, texting, emailing etc. Available in both IOS and Android.
Vinted– Now this app not only sells items but can also swap items in your closet.Unlike the previous apps, Vinted would let you process payments within the app. You can accept payments through bank transfers and paypal. This app also charges 19% of commission So you better take note of this when placing a price to each of your items. Then again this app would let swap items as well. This app is pretty uselful for fashionistas.
Poshmark– This app is unique in many ways. They focused mainly on fashion items and they ask for $2.95 commission per items below 15$. And 20$ if you priced it above 15$. Although making a listing is pretty much the same like the rest of the selling apps. They will provide you with a pre-paid pre adressed shipping label once you make a sale.  You can purchase items from the list using your credit card or paypal. All the sales will be trasfered to your bank account or cheque once you make a request.
Depop– Last but not the least is the depop app. I find this app to be cute and fun to use. It’s like having an instragram shop. Mainly because they focus more on the image so that sellers can sell more. But, Unlike other selling apps they sell more on fashion, records, books, illustration, art and vintage fashion. With this kind of list it’s not hard to have a beautiful instagram-worthy shop. So, If you’re a stylish kind of person and you feel like you have lots of stylish/vintage kind of items to sell. I suggest you download this app. It’s like opening a small online shop that is very stylish and cute. It’s not bad to have fun while selling your stuffs.
If your think that there’s no way you can make money in a day or two. Think again. All you need to do is look around your house. Sometimes decluttering is one way to save you from debt. At the same time, You are making money while tidying up your room. Your family will definitely thank you for doing that.

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