8 money making apps that you must download. Get paid to watch ads.


How would you like to get paid watching videos on apps? Free apps that are available for download anytime. This is a good way to make some extra money in your spare time. For busy people like us parents or for people who want to earn some extra bucks on the side.


I think this is so much better than just playing games, games that take so much of your time but not making money and just draining your phone battery.


Although I also have a list of apps that will help you earn playing easy games, then again that’s another topic. So I guess will review them soon. stay tuned.


Meanwhile, Let’s focus on the apps that will help you kill time while earning some money. Some of these apps are downloadable on both IOS and Android phones.


While most of these apps are available in US and Europe only some are available worldwide, unfortunately.  Most of these apps won’t generate a lot of money but if you have all of them on your phone and one account on each app, on every phone,


You might make few dollars every day. Originally I have more than 10 on my list but due to issues like crashing, payment issues etc. I ended up removing those few apps.


The top paying apps that will pay you to watch videos this 2018.


ADFUN – A fun app to try and make some extra money. Available in both IOS and Android. Aside from watching ads, You can also play games to earn tokens. Once you reach 150,000 tokens you can now redeem your $25 Gift card from Amazon. Unfortunately, they don’t use PayPal for rewards. But it still a great app to earn GC’s.


CHECKPOINTS This app is available on both IOS and android phone. What is nice about this app is it’s more than just watching advertisement videos. It’s also a task app that will pay you to do tasks like scanning products and in-store more like shopkick app.


Minimum cashout is $1.00, and you can easily withdraw your amount just a few hours of creating your account. Cash rewards are paid through PayPal and amazon gift certificates.


ADLOVE- This another free app would pay you to watch videos and rate them. This app won’t make you rich but it still a paying app. ADlove rewards can be redeemed through amazon, chipotle, Macy’s, Nike. Walmart etc.


The minimum cash out is also $1.00 but the downside is the earning limit per day which is $2.50. But I think adlove is still a fun app so it should be on your list.


PERKTV- Here’s another legit app that is actually quite popular. Why popular? This app doesn’t have a limit to how much videos you can watch in a day. Once you start streaming ads, It will automatically go to the next ad. It means more points, more earnings. It will just have a popup every 2 hours asking if you’re still there.



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PERKTV LIVE- Another app from PERKTV. The good news in this app is that you can watch your favorite shows while earning rewards, you need to watch the ads during commercial breaks that’s where your points will come.


YOOLOTTO- Here’s another app that is available in both IOS and android, But based on forums, this app works better on androids. Minimum cashout is also $1.00.


INBOXDOLLARS- This company has been around for so many years and still a very good paying site. Although it may take some time to get your rewards because their minimum cash out is $30. Rewards are paid through amazon and Paypal. And the best part is , it’s a passive app.


ENTERTAIN.NOW – This app is available on desktop as well as Android and IOS. With just a minimum cashout of $3.00. Earnings are sent through Amazon gift cards and Paypal.



Many people nowadays are earning through phone farming. Although I know that some may feel a bit weird with this kind of making money from home. You can check my post about phone farming. Then you’ll be the judge if this kind of making bucks is for you.


By the way, A lot of them are earning $1000/ Month through this. If only these apps are all available worldwide I’m very much willing to try phone farming. Have you tried these apps?


If you think one of these apps are having some problems or no longer up and available, Please do comment so I can immediately remove it from this list. I will constantly update this list.






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  1. I really love your article. I use Perk.tv all the time, it so good for making money. But I have never heard of Perk.tv Live, I will have to check it out. Thanks!

    1. Hi Nihal,

      Just click on the Money Category. There are a lot of posts about side hustles and work from home, just choose which one suits you.


  2. Please does the apps works across every country? I used inboxDollars before, but didn’t support my country

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