How to start working from home and make money now. A beginner’s guide.


I’ve been there. The moment when I’m really burnt out with all the stress of working my 9-5. The traffic jam. The bossy co-workers, the even more bossy bosses. You’re tired but you still need to get your kids homework done. Get everything done.

And then you start telling yourself “I need to start working from home or else I will die a miserable woman” ( just kidding) Well, I’ve been there. But, let me tell you something. Before you go quitting your job and start looking for work from home.

You have to remember that if you quit just like that. What will happen tomorrow? Do you have savings? Do you have enough money to use while waiting to get hired? What if you don’t have savings? What if you don’t get hired this week? This month? or worst, this year?!

Don’t get too overwhelmed when you’re no longer happy with your job. Calm your self and think. Plan your way to working from home. So yes, I’m here to help you how to start working from home when you just don’t know where to start.

Before you go applying for any kind of work from home. Make sure you have the following ready.

1. A good and stable internet– This is essential. Once you get hired and you have an unreliable internet connection. You might lose your job. Lose clients etc. Better be safe than sorry.

2. A Laptop/ Desktop- It doesn’t have to be brand new as long as it’s updated and working well.

3. Headset with mic. – It depends on your work. If you’re taking calls, teaching, transcribing, etc. This is a must-have.

This post may contain affiliate links see affiliate disclosure here. which means I may receive a small commission for clicks made through my links. they are good products and all our opinion and suggestions are unbiased I only share products and services that I use, trust and love.

What are your interests? Hobbies? Special skills?

Many people work on jobs that they’re not passionate about or they just do it for money. I used to be in that position and there’s nothing wrong about that.

What I want you to understand is start with something you’re interested in. You might get a job from something you really want to do before you look for jobs that “you might somehow like”


Do you like taking beautiful pictures? selfies? Even if you don’t have an expensive camera. Clear cell phone cameras can actually help you make money. Let me give you a few of these websites/apps.

1. FOAP– This particular app actually gives even non-professionals a chance to make money with their photos straight from their phones. If you have tons of stock photos on your phone, why not make some money out of it.

Photos are sold $10 each and you get the half of it so that’s 5$ for every picture sold. Just make sure you are selling really good-looking photos and not just a bunch of your selfies.

2. Snapwire. Here’s another awesome app that will let you make money in two simple ways. One is through selling your photos from your phone just like Foap and Joining challenges and request to get nominated and win prizes.

3. Freepik– This company offers four ways on how you can work with them. You can be a designer or photographer, a contributor model, a writer, and a design instructor. You can follow my review here

If you are a photo enthusiast you can continue reading here for more information on how you can make money with your pictures.

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Transcription Jobs

Do you have good listening skills? Are you a fast typist? Here’s another work from home that a lot of people has been earning for years now. You can try transcribing, translating, or even scoring children’s reading skills.

1. GoTranscript– What I like about this company is it won’t pressure you to finish a task. Once you start a given task it’ll give enough time for people to finish it. So no time pressure on your typing skills. Read the full review here. Pay starts at $.60/ minute. Payments are sent weekly through Paypal. Read the full review here for more details.

2. Scribie– Also let you work at your own convenient time just like gotranscript. Files are around 6minutes or less. Which is good, you can finish more tasks if you want. Pay starts $5 to $20/ audio hour. They also have their own software that allows you to dictate instead of typing what you hear. Cool huh?

3. Literably– Here’s a cool one. If you like kids you’ll enjoy this. It would let you listen to children’s recording and score them. You will be given the recording as well as the full text of the reading. Then you just need to add, replace or delete the exact words you hear. This is how you will asses them. You can read a full review here.

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Do you enjoy selling stuff? Why not do it in the comfort of your own home? With your smartphones. This is a good way to add some extra money while waiting to get hired.

And most of the time you just need to look around your house and you can see what to sell. Here’s a list of apps that would help you sell your products or just simply declutter your house and make money.

how to start making money today- the wise half

1. Carousell– This app has been enjoyed by many people because of its convenience. You just need to set up your account. Upload some photos and post it on the listings. Carousell won’t let you transact payments within the app, They let the buyers and sellers decide how they would like to send and receive payments.

2. Offerup– Here’s another app that accepts bigger stuff to sell. And if you’re afraid to transact with strangers, they have the optional truyou program. This validates identity. This app would only let you transact with real people.

3. Mercari– This one originated in Japan. They accept new, or used items. It doesn’t matter if it’s a gadget or a fashion item. They boast a million of shoppers and became a shopping sensation. Just like any other selling app.

You just need to upload clear photos of your product, write some information and indicate if you’ll cover the shipping or not. They say to better cover it because people tend to buy more if it’s free shipping.

If you’re interested in selling from home. Check my previous post on how you can sell online here.

work at home beginner's guide - the wise half

Teaching/Tutoring Online


Do you like talking? How about teaching English online? Do you know that you can actually teach online without a degree in education? Or teach while you finish your degree? Yes, you can make money teaching English. Take it from me. This is all how I started working from home and made decent money

1. VIP Kid– I’ve mentioned this company many times before. Because it’s a good place to start. The pay starts from $14 up to $22 per hour. English lessons are also provided giving you less headache. Students are Chinese kids ages 5 to 14. And you don’t need to speak Chinese to get accepted.

2. SayABC-  This China-based school is looking for professionals and non-professionals. Although a bachelor degree is a requirement, they still accept individuals with relevant teaching experience a chance to show their skills even if they don’t have a bachelor degree. Perfect for stay-at-home parents and college students. Pay rate starts at $21 / 40-minute class.

3. QKids– Although they accept US and Canadian citizens only. Just like SayABC, they accept college-level students. Students are ages 6-12 years old and if you have any kind of formal or informal teaching experience you are welcome to apply. Pay starts at $20/hour.

4. Cambly– Cambly may not have the highest pay rate. But it’s a good place to start if you have zero experience. They accept applicants with native-like English speaking skills and cheerful personality. They have flexible schedules. You can teach as much or as little as you want.

4. Italki– This company would actually let you teach English or any other language you are proficient. You can set your own time as well as your own rate. You can build your profile here if you’re just starting.

If you’re interested in teaching but don’t know where and how to start? You can check the related articles to get you started.

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Do you like to start blogging? Have you been writing stuff online but not making money out of it? Why not try starting a blog. Many people today make money through blogging and that includes me. Did you know that you can actually start a money-making blog within minutes?

How can a mother of 3, a nobody, started earning from a simple blog like this. If you are in doubt of starting one, You should read How blogging can get you your heart’s desire. It will help you realize why you should start blogging now and not later.

All it takes is passion, patience, and prayers. But nowadays you can easily make money with the right strategies. I was inspired by this amazing couple  Grace and Silas of Chasing Foxes. They started making money within months of blogging and with zero blogging experience. Thank you grace!

If you haven’t stumbled my post on How to start a profitable blog you’re missing a lot better check them asap. And don’t worry about traffic let me help you drive a massive traffic the millennial way. But if you want to start blogging. You have to make sure not to use a free hosting blog. Why? Simple! Google won’t rank your blog.

Thus, making it harder for people to find you so yes you won’t make any money out of it. And affiliates don’t want to work with free blogging sites.

So I suggest using Bluehost. I use Bluehost and it’s reliable. And guess what? you’ll only have to pay $3.95 monthly. You’ll get your own domain name, 1 click WordPress install, free SSL, and 24/7 customer support to guide you. What more could you ask for?

I wrote a step by step process to guide you on how to set up your blog in minutes. You can check it here. Or you can go straight and sign up here


Do you have special skills? Are you an artist? Do you like social media? Many people are hesitant to start freelancing even if they have the skills. Or they have the talent to develop a specific skill.

Remember all it takes is just one gig and you’ll start from there. Try checking these freelancing websites where you can create a profile and accept gigs with your particular skill. such as managing social media networks, Virtual assistants, voice-over gigs, and so much more.

1. Freeeup– I like this one in particular because this company hires real people with real skills. Unlike other freelancing websites that have a lot of scammers lurking. Freeeup hires high-quality workers. They make everything easier and smoother for clients and remote workers to meet.

Once hired, you have the chance to see the list of available jobs in real time. jobs that match your talent and skills. You can set your own rate. So if you’re an expert or have a set of skills on Data entry, Facebook ads, MSExcel, Research, Bookkeeping, Product development, mobile ads etc. Name it they’re looking for it. Take this opportunity and start now. You go ahead and sign up here.  Don’t wait.

But did you know that there are many easy short courses that can actually help you enhance your talent/skills or even learn different skills that will help you get jobs at a very short period of time make more money online?

Check out UDEMY. They have tons of short courses that you can take online that will personally help you grow a career out of your own set of skills.

This is just a few of the many work from home that you can start on. Remember to always take opportunities that are opening up for you. You never know what’s going to happen next.

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